Camera Chutes Air Filters


Graphics Panel

Wireless Internet



• Simultaneously detect the multi color defects.
• High resolution Tri_chromatic (RGB/Full Color) camera with near human Eye vision
• CREE, USA make long life, highly bright and luminious LED lamps provides clear vision to cameras
• SMC Japan made extremely precise shooting, long life and less air consumption ejectors
• Extremely efficient software capable of processing various material with data summing technology.
• Avaiable with 64-128-192-256-320-384-448 channels.
• Real Auto claibrationtechnolgy by pixel by pixel which ensures highly precise, accurate and consistent
    performance throughout the life of machine.
• Automatic self diagnosis and control system to ensure trouble free operation.
• WiFi connectivity to monityor machine from remote devices like laptop, android mobile handset, tabletpc and pc.
• On-line video option to check condition of input, output and rejection material from remote devices